Profits for Pets Offers a Simplified E-Commerce Fundraising Solution to Rescue Groups With the Help of Battlestar Digital

Sindee Lee Gillespie, founder of Profits for Pets

We would not be in the position that we are today if it weren’t for Battlestar. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Paul and his team.

Sindee Lee; Founder, Profits for Pets

The Client

Profits for Pets
Industry: Non-Profit, E-commerce
Location: Sugar Land, Texas

Profits for Pets is a turn-key E-commerce fundraising platform for rescue groups and animal shelters. Profits for Pets helps these organizations to set up e-commerce platforms to generate income to fund themselves and to provide operational stability as they care for animals.

Case Summary

The Challenge

Helping rescue groups generate greater revenue (for operations and self-promotion) via E-commerce.

After running a successful sales agency for 30 years, Sindee Lee is now focusing her business expertise in a new direction: helping animal rescue groups and animal shelters solve their financial problems via e-commerce so that they can properly care for animals.

With Profit for Pets, donors can buy gifts and other items the organizations need online and donate to a good cause at the same time!

Although she started Profits for Pets in February of 2019, there was no significant business progress because the first four system developers she hired couldn’t accomplish her desired business vision.

Finally, she found Battlestar Digital around June and approached them for help with setting up Stripe Connect and integrating it with WooCommerce.

I needed someone to help with the behind the scenes techy stuff. I’d already been to four developers who said they could do it and they didn’t. That is why it took so many months for us to launch.

Creating a simplified on-boarding process and payment method for the groups.

Sindee wanted a simple registration process and payment system for those organizations that desire to open and run stores on the e-commerce platform. All they would have to do is fill out and submit one form without leaving the platform, while she takes care of setting up a WordPress site supported by WooCommerce, and linked to their Stripe account to accept payments.

The Solutions

Initial WordPress development set-up.

To correct preexisting errors, Battlestar Digital had to manage the development and set-up of the platform. Periodically, enhancements are added to upgrade its performance.

By the time I found Paul, he had to come in and figure out what mess everybody had made and then find out how to do what we wanted them to do.

Battlestar Digital built two custom plugins for the business: BSD Stripe Connect Auto Provision to handle on-boarding and BSD WooCommerce Stripe Connect Split Pay for payments.

Battlestar Digital’s first approach was to install quality off-the-shelf plugins. However, there was no solution available in the marketplace that could offer an all-in-one user experience for the rescue groups without them ever having to log in to Stripe!

We would look at something that looked on the surface like it was going to work but it didn’t… Then we came up with a custom solution and it’s beautiful and works really well.

BSD Stripe Connect Auto Provision is a WordPress plugin that creates a special page allowing a group access with a registration link. On that page, registration occurs in four simple steps. The information collected is sent to the WordPress database over an encrypted connection and stored securely.

BSD WooCommerce Stripe Connect Split Pay allows site admins to set up a specific percentage of each sale to be deposited into the rescue group’s Stripe Connect account. The balance is then transferred to the platform’s Stripe account. It also provides additional options that enable the exclusion of sales tax and shipping costs from the percentage calculation.

Battlestar Digital manages rescue group store set-up, implements maintenance tasks, and provides tech support.

To set up the store, Battlestar Digital’s team logs into Profits for Pets’ hosting platform, clones an existing store, and inserts the group’s logo and name. They also configure WooCommerce to charge customers the tax rate required for the group’s jurisdiction.

The team assists Profits for Pets with technical and technological strategy, and offers advice on the best use of their funds.

He looked for a lot of cheaper solutions for me to start… His willingness to always do right by his client, is almost unheard of as the past developers weren’t this way.

The Results

  1. The onboarding process takes about 10 minutes and verification is completed within three days!

I have got such amazing feedback on the on-boarding being easy and they came up with the whole entire automation on how to do that!

  1. The organizations receive automatic deposits of their balance from their Stripe accounts directly to their bank accounts every three days.
  2. In only two months since its launch, 10 stores have been opened on the platform, with another six in the application stage.

    In only a short period, Rescue Groups across the country— from Mutt Misfits ( in Oklahoma, to Schwen Animal Rescue in Texas, and Wags and Whiskers ( in California, among others— have set up their stores on the e-commerce platform.

Now that the Profits for Pets platform is up and running with live stores, the next goal is to teach the current roster of rescue groups how to promote their stores for greater sales.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Battlestar a 495… I’ll absolutely encourage business owners to reach out to Paul ’cos he’ll be very forthright on what he can and cannot do. And if he can’t do it, he will find a way to do it!

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