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Included Talent Slots

Updating included talent slots is a three-step process. First, you need to create a new product attribute. The second step is to replace the existing product attribute with your new attribute. Finally, you’ll need to update the product description as well.

The product attribute is parsed by the plugin and sent to TV HeadCoach after a purchase is made.

Step 1: Create a New Talent Slots Attribute

Hover over “Product,” then click “Attributes:”

WooCommerce Product Attribute Menu

Observe the list of terms associated with the Talent Slots Included attribute. In this example, there is only one option, for 10 talent slots:

WooCommerce Product Attribute Terms

Let’s assume you want to offer 15 talent slots with one of your products. Because the option doesn’t currently exist, you’ll need to create it.

First, click “Configure terms” for the Talent Slots Included attribute:

WooCommerce Product Attribute Configure Terms Link

Add your new option by entering the Name and Slug on the left-hand side. Follow the naming convention exactly. Otherwise, the plugin will not be able to parse the numeric value out of the term. Click Add new Talent Slots included.

WooCommerce Product Attribute Add New Talent Slots Term

Step 2: Update Your Product-Specific Attribute

Click “Products:”

WooCommerce Products Menu Item

Edit a product by clicking the title:

WooCommerce Click Title to Edit Newsroom Product

Scroll down to the Subscriptions Data panel. Click “Attributes” to display the Attributes section:

Hover over the attribute (“Talent Slots Included” in this example) to show the menu for this attribute, then click the down arrow:

WooCommerce Expand Product Attribute

The attribute detail is now visible:

WooCommerce Product Attribute Detail

Click inside the “Value(s)” text area to display a list of available terms:

WooCommerce Product Available Talent Slots Options

Select your new value from the list. Important: make sure you remove the old value! Only ONE value should be set for this attribute! Click Save attributes:

WooCommerce Product Set New Talent Slots Option

Step 3: Update Your Product Short Description

Locate the Subscriptions Short Description panel, which is usually immediately above the Subscriptions Data panel.

Change the numeric value in the description:

WooCommerce Product Update Short Description

Scroll back to the top of the page and click “Update:”

WooCommerce Update Product

Important! After changing the price of a product, be sure to update the public-facing page as well for that product. Otherwise, your prospect’s cart will show a different talent quantity than what they saw on the sales page.

Barry Nash Sales Page Product Information Talent Item
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