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Stripe Test Mode

We use the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin to accept credit card payments using Stripe.

Setting the plugin to “test” mode will allow you to place test orders without actually charging your credit card.

NOTE: When your site is in test mode, ANYBODY can place an order without actually making a payment!

To place your site in Test mode, log into your WordPress dashboard. Hover over “WooCommece,” then click “Settings:”

WooCommerce Settings Menu

This will take you to the WooCommerce Settings page. Click the “Payments” tab:

WooCommerce Settings Payment Tab

Scroll down to the “Stripe” setting. Click Manage:

Check the “Enable Test Mode” box:

WooCommerce Stripe Test Mode

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes:

WooCommerce Stripe Save Changes

When you place an order, the site will advise you that Test Mode is enabled. Use the sample card number provided to place your order:

WooCommerce Stripe Test Mode Checkout
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