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Profile Customization

Icon Lists

You can use a shortcode to display profile information in an Elementor icon list.

First, click the icon in the Content panel to expose the Text settings:

Next, click the wrench icon to open the Shortcode settings dialog box:

Add your shortcode in the Shortcode text area, then save your changes:

Custom Text for Links

What if your shortcode returns a link, but you’d like to display custom text? For example, rather than displaying a raw LinkedIn profile link, perhaps you’d like to display “Connect on LinkedIn” and hyperlink those words.

First, click the icon to display the Text settings:

Write “Connect on LinkedIn” in the text box, then click the wrench icon just below the “Link” label:

Add or update your shortcode here, then save your changes:

A complete list of taxonomy shortcodes can be found by viewing the Available Shortcodes the settings page.

If you’re using Advanced Custom Fields and have configured a field group for use with BSD Team and User Profiles, those shortcodes can be viewed on the Advanced Custom Fields Integration tab on the settings page.

Related Articles

Articles related to the individual can be displayed on their profile.

To display related articles, add the following shortcode in a dedicated container on the page:


Note: This shortcode will change to [bsd_tup_related_articles] in a future release.

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