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Public Profile Settings

To access plugin settings, click Team and User Profiles Options in the WordPress Dashboard:

Location of the BSD WordPress Team and User Profile admin options.

Create public profiles for new users

When set to “ON,” BSD Team and User Profiles will automatically create a public profile for every new user. By default, this setting is “OFF.”


Enable taxonomy display

This setting will let you display taxonomy terms with shortcodes. Turning this setting on will enable the next setting, which will allow you to select the taxonomy or taxonomies you’d like to use.

Display these taxonomies

Allows you to display information from one or more taxonomies on the team member’s profile.

Note: This setting is only available when Enable taxonomy display is turned on.

Available Shortcodes

Displays shortcodes for each selected taxonomy. These shortcodes can be used to display the taxonomy’s terms in the team profile.

Related Articles

Display related articles

When set to “ON,” a shortcode is provided that will enable you to embed articles related to the team member in their profile. Related articles are determined by taxonomies, with general blog articles as a fallback. Turning this on enables dependent settings.

Display Featured Image

Controls whether or not the blog article’s featured image is displayed in the article excerpt. Some site admins set this to “OFF” in case some articles don’t have featured images.

Filter related articles by taxonomy

Controls whether or not the articles displayed in the related articles shortcode are filtered by taxonomy. When turned on and combined with at least one selected taxonomy in Filter Articles by These Taxonomies, the plugin will display articles where the terms for the selected taxonomy match the terms for the team member’s corresponding taxonomy.

Filter articles by these taxonomies

The taxonomies to use when querying for related articles to display in the team member’s profile.

Related articles to display on user profile

Limits the number of related articles to display on the team member’s profile

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