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The BSD WooCommerce Parent Category Description plugin boosts SEO and increases conversion opportunities by helping you rank individual category pages.

Display a Summary Description for Top-Level Product Categories

Boost SEO and improve conversions!

Boost your site’s rankings by optimizing your category page descriptions. According to Ahrefs:

Look at almost any big Ecommerce retailer. You’ll see that they include unique descriptions on their category pages. There are two reasons for this: (1) it tells visitors more about the category they’re viewing, and (2) it helps Google understand what the page is all about.

Camis & Vests category page from Topshop
Camis & Vests category page from Topshop

With the BSD WooCommerce Product Category Description plugin, you’ll be able to set unique descriptions for each of your product categories.

That’s exactly what Profits for Pets has done with the stores they create and manage on behalf of their pet rescue group clients. For example, shoppers clicking on “dog beds” while browsing the Schwen Animal Rescue store will see a description of the manufacturer right at the top of the page:

WooCommerce parent product category description at Schwen Animal Rescue Store

How to Add a Description

Open your WordPress dashboard and select Categories from the “Products” menu:

Find a parent category and click edit (you’ll know it’s a parent category because child categories are automatically prefixed with “–“):

Location of Edit option for WooCommerce parent categories

Locate the “Product Category Description” field and enter your description (note: this field is only available for parent categories):

Location of BSD WooCommerce Parent Category Description edit field

Click Update.

Now, open your store and select a category. Check out your awesome parent product category description!

Sample WooCommerce Parent Category description

Looking for more tips on how to improve your store’s SEO? Check out Ahref’s Ecommerce SEO: A Simple (But Complete) Guide, along with this guide from MonsterInsights.

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