Now is the Time

A river cuts through rock...-min

You can do it.

Are we living in unconventional times? Yes, of COURSE we are. And THAT means now is the time to make a difference. Now is the time to step out on your grand adventure, execute your mission, start that side hustle.

Look around.

Where is there opportunity? How can you serve those who are stuck at home?
Are you into fitness? Live stream CrossFit workouts or Starting Strength instructional videos.

Do you live and breathe functional health (even if your coworkers think your nuts)? Start posting about it — on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find out what resonates with your audience… or ASK them, then craft an offer around it. (Naturally boosting your immunity might be timely.)

Many of the greatest business leaders in history were formed in times of turmoil.

Get out there and get after it.

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