Battlestar Digital Selected by Franklin Street for Custom WordPress Development

TAMPA, Florida, July 14, 2020 — Battlestar Digital, a global software development agency specializing in custom WordPress development, is pleased to announce that Franklin Street has selected Battlestar Digital to implement an employee directory and news hub for their new website.

Franklin Street, a family of full-service real estate companies, will be launching a reimagined website shortly. While they can meet 90% of their needs with WordPress out-of-the-box, they selected Battlestar Digital to write a custom plugin to highlight their team members and assist with search engine optimization. As part of that project, three new capabilities will be added:

  • An employee directory including biographies and contact information, searchable by location, asset class, and specialty
  • Newsfeeds containing articles matched to the skillsets of each team member
  • Find an Expert, a powerful search and filter function allowing customers to locate team members specializing in the customer’s needs

Battlestar Digital, with its specialized software development methodology and top-tier talent, continues to win new business with its capability to support companies across all industries.

“We’re honored to partner with Franklin Street as they launch their new website,” said Paul Miller, CTO of Battlestar Digital. “This is an exciting time for both of us, and we look forward to collaborating with Tom Rybak and other members of the executive leadership team.”

About Franklin Street

Franklin Street is a family of full-service real estate companies focused on delivering value-added solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients. Through a collaborative philosophy of leveraging the resources, expertise, and experience of each of its divisions—Real Estate, Capital, Insurance, Property Management, and Project Management—Franklin Street offers unmatched value and optimal solutions for clients nationwide. For more information on Franklin Street, please visit

About Battlestar Digital

Battlestar Digital is a full-service software development agency specializing in custom WordPress development. Battlestar Digital works to grow businesses by helping their customers connect with them in meaningful ways. We work with people and businesses that love quality. With their collaborative, client-focused project methodology, Battlestar Digital delivers reliable, seamless, and truly bespoke technology solutions.


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