Profits for Pets Selects Battlestar Digital to Develop Fundraising Platform

TAMPA, Florida, July 2, 2019 — Battlestar Digital, a global software development agency specializing in custom WordPress development, is pleased to announce that Profits for Pets has selected Battlestar Digital to build an ecommerce fundraising platform.

Profits for Pets, a fundraising organization focused exclusively on pet rescue organizations, is building an ecommerce platform to help raise money for pet rescue groups around the United States. The team at Battlestar Digital will build and automate processes to provision ecommerce stores and transfer sales proceeds directly to rescue groups.

Battlestar Digital, with its specialized software development methodology and top-tier talent, continues to win new business with its capability to support companies across all industries.

“Sindee Lee has leveraged her business expertise to build this new organzation from the group up,” said Paul Miller, CTO of Battlestar Digital. “We’re honored to be the technologists who will bring her vision to life, helping thousands of rescued animals around the country!”

About Profits for Pets

Profits for Pets™ is a turn-key e-commerce fundraising solution available exclusively and at no charge to the Rescue Group community. For more information, please visit

About Battlestar Digital

Battlestar Digital is a full-service software development agency specializing in custom WordPress development. Battlestar Digital works to grow businesses by helping their customers connect with them in meaningful ways. We work with people and businesses that love quality. With their collaborative, client-focused project methodology, Battlestar Digital delivers reliable, seamless, and truly bespoke technology solutions.


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