Save Time and Keep Your Clients Happy with Stripe Connect Auto Provisioning!

Tired of trying different Stripe plugins that don’t take care of account creation? Fielding customer complaints and questions because they get redirected to Stripe instead of staying on your site? Trouble getting your customers’ Stripe IDs?

We’ve got your back! This plugin will give your customers the white-glove treatment. Keep full control of the experience without jarring interruptions!

Join now and save up to 30% when we launch!

Get the plugin as soon as we launch + Get a great discount + Give your clients an even better experience!

Here Are Just a Few of the Features We're Planning

Simple Registration

Embed a multi-step form anywhere on your site, with full style control.

Complete White-Glove Experience

No need to send your customers to Stripe, ask them to create an account, ask them to come back, ask them to click an OAuth button… keep them on your site and handle it for them.

Background Processing

The Stripe Connect Auto Provision plugin will communicate with Stripe in the background… no need to display an hourglass and hope your customer waits around!

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